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As a member with Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters, I was pleased when we had our annual symposium recently to see Denis Storey, Editor for BenefitsPro and Benefits Selling magazine in the audience.  He had taken the time to come to Denver to witness our agents at their best.

He stated in an article, “I think we’re finally seeing some real “let’s get to work” acceptance here in Denver.”  With Health Care Reform implementing many regulations beginning January 1, 2014 with the Exchange, new “pay or play” rules for large groups (50+), brokers have been very proactive in educating their clients, attending meetings on a regular weekly basis.

One of the comments made that made us reflect was 3 years ago, we wondered if we would have a job?  Two years ago, the question was “Will my clients still need me?”  Now, it’s how will the exchanges pay me?

We should applaud ourselves and our clients.  Insurance is about a relationship and advisement, not just throwing a dart at a dartboard and hoping you get close to the center.  Online capabilities are great, but when it comes to wanting to sit down to discuss what you are looking for to get the advice needed, professional insurance brokers are still the solution.


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