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Are you the employer at risk if an employees buys a smartphone/tablets on a personal basis and uses it for work?  Is this really a win/win for employers?  How to manage?

1)  Require the installation of adequate IT protections.

2)  What if an employee loses his/her smartphone?  Get consent form signed to issue a “kill” command.  A remote signal wipes the phone’s memory clean.  For a small fee paid in advance, most smartphone manufacturers offer such a service.

3)  If phone is lost or stolen, a security threat could be breached.  Be prepared to notify affected parties that there has been such a security breach.

4)  Include in the employee handbook if employees use personal devices and data is required for legitimate business purposes, the employee must turn over this information or face disciplinary action.  You, the employer, have no rights to access the personal device even for legitimate business purposes.

5)  Update your policy to include warning employees that the privacy policies apply with equal force to personal devices that are connected to the corporate network.

6)  Upon employee’s termination, incorporate into your exit interview a review of information stored on an employee’s personal device that has been used for work.

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