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Do employer groups allow employees to automatically renew their employee benefits each year?  Surprisingly, 71% surveyed do allow passive enrollments.  But, by passively renewing benefits without considering options the members may end up with coverage that does not meet their needs.

As stated in Benefits Newswire, “Active enrollment requires employees to make a proactive plan choice each open enrollment period.”

It’s important to approach your benefit options with a knowledge of the type of coverage you may need for the coming plan year and to make choices based on plan design and premium dollars out of your pocket.  Sometimes, the cheapest plan is not the best solution!


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Your member number/ID numbers identifies you, the insured.

Your group number identifies your employer (assuming your coverage comes through your job).

Plan number tells the provider (doctor, hospital) which plan you have through your carrier.

PCP (Primary Care Physician).  The amount next to this indicates the copay fee per visit.  You may see a different copay amount on your card if you see a specialist.

Payer ID tells your doctor’s billing department which insurance company to route your claims to.

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