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20% of employees use 80% of the claim dollars.  Studies have shown to manage wellness, not disease control.  In many cases it is about changing lifestyle habits. 

More to the point, abseentism vs. presentism.  Employees may “show up” to work, but really not be productive if there are health issues involved.

We want to employees to be healthy to work productively, be active in their communities, and live a healthy life.  But, how do employers become involved?  Do employers have an obligation to help their employees?  

Wellness program not only cut costs but can create and lead to big-picture strategies that directly affect the bottom line.  For every $1 the company invests, it sees a $1.50 to $2 return.

1)  Start with a wellness committee or team of employees who will make a difference in a Wellness Program.

2)  The first year, pick one healthy task to accomplish over a period of time whether it be purchasing pedometers for employees, stocking vending machines with healthy food, or participating in a Health Risk Assessment offered by most of the carriers.

3)  You could offer a gift card to employees who particpated in a health assessment, offer $100 to workers who attended a class on smoking cessation, diabetes management, depression, offer $5 for each pound lost.  

Start out small.  Employers with small budgets could start out with $25 per employee per year.  That’s $2,500 for 100 employees.

Let Trilogy Benefits assist with your Wellness Program ideas.  It will make a difference.

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