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I was just floored when I read an article published by the American Heart Association and I had to share.

Standing burns twice as many calories as sitting. It also can increase “good” cholesterol and stimulate enzymes that burn fat. The rates of obesity and heart disease also double for people who are sedentary and sit for long periods of time. Since we tend to “pace” when we’re standing and waiting, we then automatically move more and therefore burn calories. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

It you work at a desk, stand up and take frequent breaks if possible (and okay with management, of course). Other ways to get on your feet:  Stand up when you talk on the phone; stand at children’s sport events; hide the remote control and get up and change channels when watching TV (this I think will be the hardest to implement).

Good luck and enjoy taking a different view of the world by standing more often!

Jacquey Tabcum, Vice President
Sales & Marketing
Trilogy Benefits, Inc.

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