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Does sleep interfere with your daily life?

Dozing on the job is an obvious sign of sleep deprivation.  Poor sleep practices:  using alcochol, caffeine or tobacco within 4 to 6 hours of bedtime; not adhering to an established bedtime; and using electronics such as TVS in the bedroom.

Plan a relax event.  Reserve time for a workplace wellness workshop focusing on relaxation strategies and stress-reduction exercises to wind down and get quality sleep.

Schedule a checkup.  Sleep problems are treatable!

Awareness is the first step toward identifying sleep deprivation in the workplace.  Encourage employees to approach a manager if they notice a coworker who displays signs of sleepiness.

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As we are all aware, there are Federal laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age and disability.  However in today’s employee market and with so many candidates to choose from, it is very easy to get comfortable during the interview process looking for the “right” fit.  Prospective employees are putting their best foot forward and attempting to “connect” during the interview and this sometimes leads to casual conversation.  With this in mind, a reminder of questions not to ask might come in handy (even though a few of these are very obvious):

  1. Are you married?  Divorced?
  2. What would you do if your husband/wife were transferred?
  3. Are you comfortable supervisor men/women?
  4. How old are you?
  5. Do you have any children?  If so, how many and how old are they?
  6. What are your day care plans?
  7. Do you own or rent your home?
  8. What church do you attend?
  9. Do you plan to get married/start a family?
  10. Do you have any debt?
  11. Do you belong to any social or political groups?  Republican? Democrat?
  12. How much and what kinds of insurance do you have?
  13. Do you suffer from an illness or disability?
  14. Have you ever had or been treated for any specific diseases or conditions?
  15. Have you ever been treated by a psychiatrist or psychologist?
  16. How many days of work did you miss last year due to an illness?
  17. Do you have any disabilities or impairments that might affect your performance in this job?
  18. Are you taking any prescribed drugs?
  19. Have you ever been treated for drug addition or alcoholism?

It’s also a good remember to discuss with supervisors within your organization attitudes and organization planning around pregnancy, childbirth and child care.  Opinions concerning mothers and motherhood should be kept to themselves.  A list of legally safe interview questions should be discussed and interviewers should never be allowed to “wing it” when talking to applicants.  Keep questions neutral. 

During the interview process a job candidate can sometimes reveal sensitive information that in essence, you’re not allowed to ask.  Don’t pursue the topic further.

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