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By: Michael Booth (posted 2/1/09 12:30 am MST)

The gravely ill economy is making Colorado’s health care system sick.   The state Medicaid office since January 2008 has enrolled 3,000 new members a month for health aid to low-income residents, a rate a spokeswoman calls “astronomical” and unprecendented in the program’s 40-year history.

Denver Health, the prime urban outlet for residents lacking health insurance, saw 1,500 new uninsured patients in December, 250 more than a year before.

In the town of Akron in northeastern Colorado, premiums for 11 city employees rose 17% in each of the past two years; deductibles and co-pays have gone up, but the town salvaged its health plan over coffee breaks, when almost-empty-nesters promised the administrator their children would be off the plan’s books soon.

Uninsured visits are up 41 percent at some of the federally funded clinics in the Colorado Community Health Network. One of the clinics, too full for new patients, has 1,800 people on a waiting list.

Metro community health centers, which run line a doughnut around Denver Health’s urban centers, say they are getting 100 calls a day from potential new uninsured patients; they can take about six.

The fixes to these challenges are stop-gap and incomplete. Measures include making desperate pleas for federal stimulus money, instituting wage freezes and mothballing underused beds catering to more-elective health procedures.

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